Recruitment from KONA MOBILITY

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KONA MOBILITY is waiting for
your creative challenge

KONA MOBILITY values 'those pursuing innovation with new way of thinking, winning over work, and making an effort and challenging to be the best in the field of choice."

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    Applicants pursuing the right way

    Honest and good people

    Those with high level of morality excising themselves

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    Applicants with passion

    Those with sense of duty and pride on their works and making an effort to be the best

    Those not afraid of new work or failure with creative challenging spirit

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    Applicants making the best effort

    Those making the best effort even on small tasks

    Those dedicated on their own work

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    Applicants with open-mind

    Those with positive mindset, acknowledging others and cooperating with them

    Those open to accept changes and actively dealing with them

People have the highest value among any others

KONA MOBILITY is supporting various welfare policies so that employees are able to enjoy enriched lives, stable lives, and activated lives.

  • Subscription to four major insurances

    Health insurance, national pension, employment insurance, and occupational health and safety insurance

  • Vacation policies

    Annual vacation, monthly vacation, family events, refresh

  • 5 days work a week

    Work from Monday to Friday (5 days a week)

  • Lunch/dinner/ rest area in the company

    Provide lunch/dinner and rest area in the company

  • Support family event

    Provide monetary support for family events/vacation/academy

  • General health checkup

    Provide general health checkup for all the employees

  • Compensation for directors and employees

    Reward and commendation policies for those in service for a long time and outstanding employees

  • Support various subsidies or aids

    Support welfare point, transportation fees and refresh tour voucher for long serving employees

  • Gift on anniversary

    Provide gift on the national holidays/anniversary of company foundation

  • Operate informal in the company

    Support informal operation in the company

  • Support work ability

    Support the expenses for education of work ability and self-development for employees

  • Support education expenses for children

    Support education fund for each child regardless of the number of children